Financial Advisors

Under the INTEGRIS Plan, Financial Advisors can be named by the client as the plan's investment manager. This ensures continuity in the investment advice provided, and maintains the revenues streams of the financial advisor at the same time. Because INTEGRIS increases the assets under management available to the client, where financial advisors are compensated on a total assets basis, their own compensation will increase. Moreover, the INTEGRIS plan provides an opportunity to better tax shelter income producing investments, thereby freeing more capital for non-registered investments.

The tax rules applicable to the INTEGRIS Plan also give those clients who have suffered market setbacks an opportunity to “top up” their accounts with additional tax-deductible contributions. This allows clients to tax-effectively replenish their pension after a market downturn which also increases the total assets under management for financial advisors.

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By encouraging your clients to save through INTEGRIS instead of an RRSP, Accountants are providing another tax efficient way of accumulating a sizeable nest egg for retirement with pre-tax dollars. Accountants will also be asked to prepare the pension accounting elements of the client's corporate financial statements as a result of the move into a pension plan.

The INTEGRIS pension also provides for additional savings that complements any existing dividend splitting strategy that has been adopted by your client.

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