A Few Words About Us

INTEGRIS… A Smarter Way to Save.

The opportunities for business owners and professionals to save for retirement are limited.

INTEGRIS was designed to provide this clientele with a superior way of building up a more secure and larger nest-egg utilizing the rules already in place for public sector employees and unionized workers. But INTEGRIS is more than the entity responsible for ensuring that your pension plan complies with all legal requirements. As a fiduciary, it must act with its clients' best interests in mind. It must seek opportunities to control and reduce costs. There is a smarter way to save, and we welcome you to consider protecting your future while minimizing your risks.

INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. provides administrative services to eligible sponsors of registered pension plans established under section 147.1 of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and regulated by applicable pension regulatory authorities under provincial pension benefits standards legislation.

INTEGRIS does not invest the funds of its clients nor provide investment advice. INTEGRIS does not have custody of the pension fund assets of its clients and has partnered with regulated financial institutions to act as fund-holders of the registered pension plans. The INTEGRIS pension plan can be established in any province of Canada and in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.

Our History

1991 -

Income Tax Act amendments come into force, allowing for registered pension plans for individuals.

2004 -

Province of Ontario adopts legislation giving certain professions the right to incorporate their practices, thereby giving them the opportunity to establish a registered pension plan.

2007 -

Pension lawyers S. Wayne and JP Laporte publish “Individual Pension Plans: Are they worthy of a second look?” in the Estate Trust and Pension Law Journal, providing an early road map to the creation of INTEGRIS.

2011 -

INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. is incorporated. SSQ Financial and Industrial Alliance become service providers (pension fund-holders) for INTEGRIS plans.

2012 -

Canadian Western Trust becomes a pension plan fund-holder for MFDA, IIROC and ICPM investments.

2014 -

Federal Government introduces tax legislation that virtually negates the advantage for business owners of receiving compensation from their private corporations in the form of non eligible dividends after factoring the corporate taxes paid. Many accountants revisit earlier advice to avoid T4 income (salary and/or bonuses) and adopt a more balanced approach making it possible for their clients to set up a PPP®.

2015 -

Ontario adopts Ontario Retirement Pension Plan legislation that would have mandated all Ontario employers to contribute to this new provincial plan. Clients with PPPs would have been exempted from this new regime.

2016 -

INTEGRIS PPPs sold in a number of provinces including B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Québec. INTEGRIS partners with Cygnus Investment Partners LP to give its clientele access to the private equity solutions that large pension plans currently use.

INTEGRIS signs partnership agreement with Industrial Alliance Professional Services to offer a turn-key actuarial & administrative solution to its clients.

2017 -

Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau introduces a package of tax reforms that impact entrepreneurs who operate their business through Canadian Controlled Private Corporations. These new measures make it virtually impossible to save for retirement by treating the private corporation as if it were a quasi-pension plan thereby increasing further the usefulness of Personal Pension Plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements as tax-effective retirement solutions.

Job Opportunities

INTEGRIS provides a supportive and exciting environment for highly skilled professionals looking for a dynamic company with a clear mission statement. The following job opportunities are currently available:

  • Pension Officer (Competition 2021-003) (Competition Closed)
    Pension Officers, reporting to the Chief Compliance Officer, are responsible to act as the relationship managers of INTEGRIS clients. As such, they must ensure that clients are provided with accurate information with respect to their account, data and options. Qualifications include: LL.B., MBA, actuarial science certification. (Positions Required: 2)

Candidates must submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to careers at integris-mgt.com. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.