September 15, 2020 (Revised September 15, 2020)

What’s taxed and what’s not – Canadian Government Assistance Programs

by Godfrey Yu, Certified Financial Planner June 09, 2020 (Revised June 26, 2020)

Assumption Life partners with Integris to offer the Personal Pension Plan (PPP)

April 03, 2020 (Revised April 03, 2020)

How the PPP can help mitigate the recent world events re: market crash, business failures, bankruptcies etc

March 26, 2020

HUB Financial announces partnership with INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp

March 26, 2020 (Revised March 26, 2020)

Ever been hip checked?

by Dawnyca Cristello, CFP (Guest Blogger) May 06, 2019 (Revised May 30, 2019)

From time to time we invite guest writers to provide their specific insights about business, tax, retirement planning and other topics of potential interest to members of the larger INTEGRIS community. This week financial advisor Dawnyca Cristello from Profit Exit provides her thoughts on the Morneau tax measures introduced by the federal government in July of 2017 and ways business owners can mitigate this change to our tax laws Read More

Deadline for 2018 PPP® Setup and Registration

by INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. October 06, 2018

As the calendar year end is approaching, we wanted to advise you on some important dates regarding the set up and registration of personal pension plans ...Read More

Change in Policy - Fee Payment

by INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. October 02, 2018 (Revised October 06, 2018)

In the past year, we have experienced a surge of interest in the PPP®, especially given the introduction of the "Morneau tax measures"...Read More

One out of two taxpayers has money at the CRA: Surprised? We were.

by INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. March 19, 2018 (Revised March 19, 2018)

Now that Canadians are in the middle of personal tax season for 2017, we wanted to provide some new information that we hope will be of interest to taxpayers from coast to...Read More

B2B TRUST pulling out of the Individual Pension Plan business! What advisors should do?

by INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. April 27, 2017 (Revised April 27, 2017)

We have been informed that B2B Trust, a subsidiary of the Laurentian Bank group of companies, has decided that effective December 31, 2016, they would cease to act as corporate...Read More

Comparing old IPPs to PPPs

by INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. February 11, 2016

Many ask how the PPP differs from the older IPP. We've summarized the key enhancements in the attached Schedule...Read More

Pension Innovation: How Can Entrepreneurs Level the Playing Field With Their Counterparts in the Public Sector?

by Jean-Pierre Laporte September 20, 2015

The Great Recession of 2008 had many consequences, but in the world of pensions, it truly highlighted the chasm separating private sector from public sector retirement plans. The "Great Divide" boils down toRead More

New Federal Investment Rules for Pension Plans

by Jean-Pierre A. Laporte, CEO March 25, 2015

?Final Federal Pension Investment Rules released today.

Relief for Plan Administrators.Read More

In the year that I set up my INTEGRIS PPP, can I also make a contribution to my RRSP?

by INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. September 20, 2014 (Revised July 02, 2018)

Normally, yes… however, please note that the full RRSP contribution amount may not be available in that year if you are considered... Read More

Understanding the Power of Additional Voluntary Contributions

by INTEGRIS Pension Management Corp. September 18, 2014

The INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan is a collection of three distinct subaccounts (defined benefit ("DB"), defined contribution ("DC") and additional voluntary contributions or "AVC")...Read More

The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan

by Gavin Graham, Chief Strategy Officer May 25, 2014

The sudden appearance of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (“ORPP”) adds yet another acronym to the constellation of retirement options in the financial landscape. Born out of the May 1, 2014 provincial budget, the ORPP traces its origins to a seminal paper authored by...Read More

Saving strategically for retirement March 2014

by Gavin Graham, Chief Strategy Officer April 03, 2014

The old cliché about the only two certainties in life being death and taxes are almost inevitable in any discussion on pensions. In particular, our prevailing preoccupation with financial security at retirement is rooted in the realization that we are in fact living longer coupled with...Read More

Gavin Graham writes about Common Myths about Saving for Retirement

by Gavin Graham, Chief Strategy Officer January 14, 2014

The subject of retirement is an emotional one. It involves decisions about how people will spend up to one third of their life, how much money they will need to fund that period, and the best way of saving to enable them to do so in reasonable comfort. It’s also a relatively new experience...Read More

What is fiduciary oversight and why is it important?

by Jean-Pierre Laporte October 01, 2013

A "fiduciary" is a person who has undertaken to act for another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence….Read More

Why the INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan is not an IPP

by Jean-Pierre Laporte October 01, 2013

Many investment advisors who are familiar with individual pension plans or IPPs, often ask how the INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan differs from the IPP. The question stems in part from the fact that while the IPP rules have been around since 1991, advisors servicing the retail market are typically unfamiliar with other types of registered pension plans…Read More

Mitigating Market Volatility using INTEGRIS

by Gavin Graham, Chief Strategy Officer July 25, 2013

One of the major difficulties that the trustees of pension funds face today is finding investments that are not correlated with each other. Very simply, this means that different assets move in different directions in reaction to changes in the investment universe, so that one zigs while the other zags,...Read More

Pension Reform and Design at the Heart of INTEGRIS

by Cristina Warlop February 26, 2013

Recently, the CEO of the CIBC Mr. Gerry McCaughey, publicly announced that he felt Canadians should reform the Canada Pension Plan to allow for voluntary supplemental contributions...Read More

Why INTEGRIS is not a MEEP (Multi-Employer Pension Plan)?

by Jean-Pierre Laporte February 13, 2013

We have been asked whether the INTEGRIS Pension Plan is a Multi-Employer Pension Plan, or MEPP. It is not...Read More

Why INTEGRIS is not a PRPP (Pooled Registered Pension Plan)?

by Jean-Pierre Laporte August 07, 2012

The federal government has recently adopted legislation creating yet another new type of pension vehicle, the Pooled Registered Pension Plan. INTEGRIS is NOT a PRPP. PRPPs are basically...Read More

5 key reasons to choose INTEGRIS over an RRSP

by Jean-Pierre Laporte July 17, 2012

Why would a professional opt for INTEGRIS instead of an RRSP? 1. Your professional corporation gets to pay for your pension with pre-tax income. This means that you get to reduce your corporate tax payable...Read More

RRSP Shortcomings and the value of INTEGRIS

by Jean-Pierre Laporte July 17, 2012

RRSPs are wonderful tools to build oneself a retirement nest-egg. Unfortunately, they also suffer from a few short-comings, deficiencies that INTEGRIS has been engineered to overcome. Firstly...Read More

This is too good to be true...why hasn't anyone come up with this before?

by Jean-Pierre Laporte July 16, 2012

First, it is important to note that the rules applicable to the INTEGRIS Plan have been around since 1991. Secondly, in Canada about 15,000 professionals and business owners currently have a plan that works...Read More

Protecting One's Nest-egg through INTEGRIS

by Jean-Pierre Laporte July 14, 2012

The INTEGRIS Plan is based on the premise that incorporated professionals work hard for their money and want to ensure they will have enough stocked away when it is time to retire. To achieve that end...Read More

The INTEGRIS Risk Free Rate of Return

by Jean-Pierre Laporte July 14, 2012

Value can come from different sources. Very often, the skill of an investor will generate higher return and the value is said to be due investment management. Some call it the "alpha". Another source...Read More