INTEGRIS Personal Pension Plan presented by Gord Martineau

Why own this solution?

Features INTEGRIS™
Maximum Annual Contribution Limit $ 27,830 - $ 45,711* $ 27,230
Flexibility to Choose Contribution Options (Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution) Yes No
Fiduciary Oversight Yes No
Broader Investment Options Yes No
Robust Creditor Protection Yes No**
Tax Deductible Administration & Investment Management Fees Yes No
HST 33% Credit Refund Yes No
Deduction of Interest on Borrowing Yes No
Full Service Administration Yes No
Ability to Make Additional Tax Deductible Contributions During Market Volatility Yes No
* Increased Contribution levels are dependent on age of plan member.
** RRSP may be protected by Provincial legislation.

Financial Advisors &

By encouraging your clients to save through INTEGRIS instead of an RRSP, you will be providing another tax efficient way of accumulating a sizeable nest egg for retirement with pre-tax dollars.

Incorporated Professionals

Any professional that can incorporate such as Doctors, Dentists, IT Consultants, Lawyers or Engineers can now shelter more income and collect larger tax refunds.


Franchisors can now offer franchisees an opportunity to build up a personal pension for themselves and key employees without acting as the plan's sponsor. Franchisees can also set up their own pension plan through INTEGRIS.


Are you a sole proprietor, in a partnership or otherwise not incorporated. We can help you get incorporated so that you can start benefitting from a pension plan through INTEGRIS.